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Nepali Typing  tool is a Unicode Nepali converter that easily transforms Nepali text that are written with English or Roman words to Nepali words. In an easy sense, if you want to type in Nepali then Nepali Unicode converter is the tool you need. With various options among choosing different words while getting written Nepali word this Nepali typing tool is one of the common tool these days used by thousands of Nepalese around the world. The Nepali text that are generated using this Nepali Typing Online tool can be used on social media websites, emails including websites and blogs. This tool helps you to write in your own mother language easily without the practice of learning the Nepali Typing for various available Nepali fonts like Preeti, Devanagari, Kantipur etc.

Nepali Unicode Converter Tool

How to type in Nepali ?

Well, here we present the easy to use Nepali Typing tool that helps you to get Nepali text out of English text. Well you can’t call it English to Nepali converter because it only convert’s the text not the meaning from English to Nepali. Using this Nepali Language Typing tool is easy here we would like to demonstrate the easy steps so you can easily use our Nepali Unicode Converter tool to write in Nepali.

  1. Start typing anything (example: Type Mero and hit Space)
  2. You will see that word is auto converted into Nepal word मेरो
  3. Similarly when you click Backspace then you will be offered multiple options of words to select which is correct.
  4. Well that was easy, now you can start typing anything using this Nepali Typing Tool.

Hope this Nepali Unicode Converter Tool helped you to type in Nepali. You can also bookmark this page in your computer  browser or mobile browsers. In Apple iPhone and Tablets you can save this page for later use, so it will create an app icon on your mobile phone.

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